Various Sound Engineering Students via Anonymous Feedback

“What I appreciate in Robert’s teaching is the pace and the simplicity of his explanations. I walk out understanding topics I may have no previous knowledge to.”

“I enjoyed how Robert simplified the more complicated things are learning about to help give us a greater understanding.”

“To show that much knowledge and at such a young age is unbelievable. I think he is an incredible teacher. Rob brings new things to the class, he gets us involved and MAKES SURE we understand before moving on. Without doubt the best teacher I’ve had in [college name excluded].”

“Robert is an excellent teacher. Understands teaching from a student perspective. He likes rules and structure and this quality is super when preparing for class and even in lectures.”

“Takes his time explaining things and if you don’t understand something he will try and put it in the most simple way he can without losing the point he is trying to make”