“What I appreciate in Robert’s teaching is the pace and the simplicity of his explanations. I walk out understanding topics I may have no previous knowledge to.”

“I enjoyed how Robert simplified the more complicated things are learning about to help give us a greater understanding.”

“To show that much knowledge and at such a young age is unbelievable. I think he is an incredible teacher. Rob brings new things to the class, he gets us involved and MAKES SURE we understand before moving on. Without doubt the best teacher I’ve had in [college name excluded].”

“Robert is an excellent teacher. Understands teaching from a student perspective. He likes rules and structure and this quality is super when preparing for class and even in lectures.”

“Takes his time explaining things and if you don’t understand something he will try and put it in the most simple way he can without losing the point he is trying to make”


Various Sound Engineering Students via Anonymous Feedback

I worked with Rob as a student in Ballyfermot College. Besides being a very sound and extremely approachable guy, Rob was very professional and made me feel at ease when we worked together. During my first few weeks in the college I got the opportunity to go into the Studio to record some of my own songs.

As a lot of musicians will find their first time in the studio a daunting task but I felt that he worked with my preferences in mind and made the whole experience very positive and worth while. As soon as the tracks were complete he was on the ball getting the songs up on you tube ect, which was a great help as a promotional tool for me.

I also did some recording in Robs new studio which I found to be very good. Again I came out of the studio very happy with more audio and visual material to help me along the road.

Thanks a mill for the help Rob.
Kieran Mulvihill

Kieran Mulvihil via Google Business

I worked with Robert recently, on a series of audio short stories. He was very efficient, created a relaxed atmosphere and gave good, clear feedback. I was really pleased with the end product and impressed with his technical ability.

Deirdre Monaghan via Google Business

Rob worked on the sound for my final year degree animated short “Hey Mister! Have you seen my Cat?!”. He was extremely professional and it was the most smooth and easy going experience I’ve had with a sound engineer to date. When working on an animation, it’s great to know you have someone you can trust on the audio who delivers the goods! Dedicated, in control and a problem solver I’d recommend him to anyone.

Leo Crowley via Google Business

Robert joined BCFE [Ballyfermot College of Further Education] as an employee working as a music production technician for the last year. Robert is in particular very competent with advanced software, network and hardware configuration which has been hugely beneficial to staff and students. Robert co-manages the technical aspects of one of the college’s primary audio production studios. The activities include the setting up of studio equipment for classes and projects, troubleshooting issues with students and maintaining/upgrading equipment to a high standard. Robert has transformed the studio’s systems; he has been very innovative with renovating the wiring, layout and audio signal distribution systems throughout the three studio rooms. Importantly, he has ensured students have followed and understood any changes by devoting time to answering questions and by writing detailed technical documentation and guides.

Hire this guy now!

Larry O’Toole via Google Business

I’m involved in recording a series of children’s stories with Rob, which will continue for several years, and have found him very easy to work with, both professionally alert and at ease, making it a relaxed and productive atmosphere.

Karl O’Neill via Google Business

I recently needed a sound engineer and I was very fortunate to be able to work with Robert Kelly. Robert is a skilled professional and his calm, authoritative approach in the studio brings out the best in those who work with him. Our recording sessions were enjoyable and straightforward and I highly recommend him as a provider of a quality finished product.

Frances Fahy


Frances Fahy via email

Rob was a contributor for a documentary that I shot about Tinnitus. The depth of knowledge in audio that he was able to pluck from the top of his head was amazing and he really added to the film! He’s immensely organised and talented and will be able to make anything you throw at him sounds that bit better. Would 100% recommend to anyone.

Joel Gardner Creative via Google Business

As Head of Sound and Tech at Queen’s Radio, Robert was a highly skilled and confident leader, who worked tirelessly to improve the technical aspects of the station and ensure high quality output. His dedication to his role meant that he regularly worked long hours; before events he was always the first to arrive so as to guarantee that all equipment was in good working order and ready to be used.

His management of the £3000 Annual Fund investment was carried out meticulously and with great care. He demonstrated his commitment to making sure that it was of long term benefit to the station by making himself available for training and ongoing support to the upcoming committee, many months after his term had expired.

I found Robert to be a highly reliable and competent colleague who took great pride in his work and insisted upon the highest standard possible

Sarah Laverty via LinkedIN

His work was consistently of a high standard with great attention to detail. Robert has a proven himself to be a strong team player and capable delivering results under pressure

Pete Holidai via LinkedIN