My rates are clear, concise and competitive; they can all be found on this page.


  • €180 per day,
  • €25 per hour for part day bookings
  • Price is for studio or location recording

Music Editing and Mixing

  • €100 per song,
  • Prices include two sets of mix revisions
  • Additional mix revisions; €25 per hour, charged  to the minute rather than rounded up to nearest 15 or 30 minutes.

General Audio Editing and Mixing

Services for podcast editing, voice over recording, audio editing and mixing for film, animation, radio etc.

  • €180 per day,
  • €25 per hour for part day bookings

“General” audio editing and mixing spans a huge range of projects and each project will be different so get in touch to get a quote.


  • €30 per song


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