Podcast Production


Podcasts have never been as popular as they are today. It is now so easy for someone to create their own podcast and give their voice and opinion to a subject. On one hand, this is a fantastic thing and as an avid podcast listener, I won’t argue with that! On the other hand, with podcast production open to the masses, this means the audio quality of podcasts can vary quite a lot. Unfortunely, I can’t argue with that either.

Podcast listeners will be at home, in their cars, walking along the streets. They will likely be busy.  Bad audio makes podcasts very difficult to listen to, even when the listener is 100% focused on what is coming through their headphones. Can you imagine what it would be like to listen to a poorly edited podcast while walking down a busy street? I have a feeling you would switch to a different podcast altogether!

If you are a podcaster, don’t let bad audio stop your shows from reaching their full potential. Listen to your own favourite podcasts; you may notice that the most popular ones sound the best. This is because they have their content produced to a professional standard.

This is where I can come in. If you have recorded your podcast yourself, send it my way and I can edit, mix and master it to broadcast standards. My years of experience in community and commerical radio mean that I can help make your podcasts sound the best they can and reach their listenership potential.

Rates are competitive and you can rest assured that your recordings will be given a professional treatment at my purpose built mixing studio.

Rates Per Episode

  • Up to 30 minutes; $30/€25
  • Up to 60 minutes; $60/€50
  • Up to 90 minutes; $90/€77
  • Up to 120 minutes; $120/€102

Price plans for regular shows are also available. For example, if you do a show each week, we can organise a competitive flat rate for you to pay per week or per month with savings of up to 10%.

If you would like to get in contact, just email me at rob@robkellysound.com

Check out the rest of the page to learn a bit more about what I can do for podcasters.


Podcasting has never been more popular. Sourcing the equipment required in getting started in podcasting has also never been cheaper but editing and producing the content to professional standards can be a big challenge.

Using my years of experience in community and commercial radio, I offer consultancy to anyone who wishes to setup a podcast or upgrade their current podcasting rig. This includes researching the right microphone for your needs, the right audio equipment and software for your computer, headphones, acoustic treatment for your recording room and many other aspects.

Podcast Editing

All podcast editing services include:

  • Dynamic processing for vocals; this makes sure everyone sounds even and as loud as each other
  • EQ processing for all vocals; this makes sure everyones voice sounds clear and intelligible for the listener, wherever they may be listening.
  • Noise reducing processing; this reduces the many inherent noises which can be present in all recordings. This type of processing will make your podcast sound clearer and more professional.
  • Adding links, adverts and other elements; if you have theme music, links for particular parts of a show or anything similar, I can edit that seamlessly into your podcasts.
  • Quick turnaround; each podcast will be turned around within 48 hours of the job being started. This will be organised in pre-production to ensure you get your shows when you need them.
All work is carried out in my purpose built Neumann KH310 equipped studio, using the highest quality equipment and software.