Editing, Mixing and Mastering

All audio production work such as editing, mixing and small scale recording takes place in my studio in Edenderry, Co. Offaly.
All audio production work such as editing, mixing and small scale recording takes place in my studio in Edenderry, Co. Offaly, using professional software such as Pro Tools and Cubase.

If you have recorded with me or you have multi-tracks from elsewhere, I can edit, mix and master these to a professional standard using my comprehensive audio production studio.

By using professional equipment and years of experience, I offer over-the-web audio production services. A detailed pre-production discussion will take place in order to establish your aims and desires for the project.





Whether you have recorded with me, recorded yourself or elsewhere,  I offer competitive over-the-web music and audio production services.

Monitoring is provided by Neumann (Klein and Hummel) KH310s for stereo productions and Genelec 8000 series for surround sound.

There is no need to visit the studio; all you need to do is send your files in and I will have them processed professionally to meet your aims. Audition mixes will be sent to you securely for your to consider for revisions. Of course, you can visit the studio to hear how the project is coming along.

With the project complete, I can provide basic mastering services if you are on a budget. I can also pass on the details of some excellent mastering engineers.

At no additional cost,  I can also publish your music onto music platforms platforms such as; Spotify, Amazon.com, Apple Music, Beats Music, Deezer, Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft Groove, playlist.com, TIDAL, Yahoo Music, YouTube Music.

All rates can be found here.


I use industry standard software and equipment to produce projects to professional standard.

DAWs: Pro Tools, Reaper, Cubase

Monitoring: Genelec 8000 series, Neumann KH310

Conversion: Focusrite AD/DA

Plugins: Waves, SoundToys, Slate Digital, SPL, Maag among others.

Prices include the full editing and mixing of the tracks, from start to finish and also include two free revisions of the final mix to ensure that it is exactly how you want it.

Audio Production

The mixing studio is acoustically treated and meets key ITU listening room specifications.

As well as music production; I offer Audio Production services for animation, sound design, radio,  television, restoration and critical listening.

This can include work on voice overs, adverts, radio packages and documentaries, to name but a few.

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Audition and Delivery


All mix draft mixes will be provided to you on a private Soundcloud page which only you and I will have access to. You can make detailed comments on these which will be collated and acted upon in a revision.

If I come across an issue or idea which I think needs you attention, I will post the draft to you for you to consider before continuing with the work; there is no charge for this and it will save money in the long run by avoiding working down the wrong path.

When the project is finished; high quality digital masters of your project will be supplied to you. I can supply them in many configurations; so just let know what you need.


    Music Production

For all music production services outlined on this page; two revisions per song are included in the price per song. Naturally, hearing the mix in context can often make you want to try a different idea for an instrument part. So, if you feel that you want to adjust the snare drum sound, pan the guitars differently, process the vocal in a different way in a specific part of the song; these can be grouped into a revision list and fixed at no additional charge to you. Revisions beyond that point are charged for the time taken to complete the changes at a rate of €30 per hour; however, if the required revisions are minor, they can often be provided for free.

Turnaround Speed

Depending on the size of project and the workload of the studio at any given time, the turn around time is typically within 7 to 14 working days. For smaller projects, it can be quicker and for very large projects, it can be longer; however, most projects can be produced in this time frame.

If you have a medium to large sized project which requires fast turn around; I will do my best to work it into the studio calendar.  If you need the project in double quick time, please get in touch before hand so we can discuss your needs in detail.

Project Preparation

For mixing; please provide all the individual multitracks with no panning or processing. If you have already done some work on your project and have some effects which you really like, export those as tracks as well. If you are unsure of how to do this; I operate Pro Tools, Cubase and Reaper DAWs. so in most cases you can just send me the whole project folder and I can sort it from there. It is important that I receive the original raw recordings at the very least.

For the above and all other project types; compress the project folder down into a compressed ZIP or RAR folder and use services like WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. to send the files to me. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need a hand with this part of the process.


You can get in contact me by phone, email, Facebook and Twitter.

Telephone, Whatsapp and Viber: +353 (0)86 199 1880
Email: rob@robkellysound.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RobKellySound
Twitter: www.twitter.com/RobKellySound

Terms and Conditions

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