Reaper, Cubase and Pro Tools and digital audio workstations,

Preamps, Conversion
Primary signal chain:
Focusrite ISA and Audient ASP pre-amplifiers,
Audient ASP880 Burr-Brown PCM4204 analogue to digital conversion,
Focusrite Saffire and Audient ASP audio interfaces

Audient iD22 digital to analogue conversion
Neumann KH310 in-studio monitoring (stereo)
Genelec 8000 series on-location and surround sound in-studio monitoring,

AKG; C414-XLII stereo pair, D112.
RØDE NT5 stereo pair.
SE Electronics; SE2200a, SE1a stereo pair.
Sennheiser; MD421 (x2), E604 (x3), E906.
Shure; SM57, SM7B

Focusrite Liquid Mix; EL8 Distressor, Avalon, Massive Passive, Pultec, Urei, Neve, and many more.
Empirical Labs Arousor
SoundToys 5
Slate Digital; Virtual Mix Rack, FG-116.
Waves; V-Series, H-Series, R-Series, 1176, LA2A, LA3A, dbx160, Gold Bundle, NLS, SSL 4000, IR1 and more
Others; Maag Audio, SPL, ProAudioDSP and more.

Other Hardware
Tascam MX2424,
Yamaha 02R live sound and mixing,

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