Listening Session Preparation

Hi there,

I got quite a few responses to this, so many thanks to all who took part. The objectives have been met. I wont close the listening test though, some extra answers won’t do any harm. Thanks!

My final project is about finding the best way to record music in surround sound (more info here and here). But right now, I need a bit of help with something.

On this page you are going to be asked a four questions based on a set of definitions I give. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to listen to some recordings and tell me which one of them fits the question about each definition.This is to see what people, especially music lovers, consider those definitions to mean when listening to a sample of a recording. This will ultimately steer the course of the full research into how music is recorded in surround sound.

It wont take a lot of time, there are only four questions and I hope you enjoy the song which was performed by The Ulster String Quartet especially for this project. I would like to thank them and the staff at Queen’s University (Music department and SARC) for making the recording and this research possible.

Hopefully, this will work out! It is a tad experimental for my liking!

Please only use headphones for this, what you are listening to is mainly a form of surround sound. Even the best of speakers will not work correctly with this project. The only thing I will ask of you is that you supply your age and what headphones you are using. If you do not know what make they are, maybe you could tell me if they came with a product such as an MP3 player.

If you would like to take part in the proper listening session and you are based around Salford University in Greater Manchester, UK, please follow the link presented after the test.

Once you are done with the above, click submit and take a look at the next session and happy listening!

Question Layout

– For each question, you will be presented with a definition of a word. Then there will be two SoundCloud players.

– Under them will be the question which is based on the definition.

– Please listen to the SoundCloud files as much as you need and submit your answer.

– All you need to do to switch from one track to the other is to press play the play button. There should not be any need for the pause button.

– Be sure to click vote after each answer you give and make sure it confirms your submission before moving on.

Question 1 of 4

A sound is said to be spacious when you have a good impression of the space in which it was recorded/performed. Try to imagine the space from what you hear in each extract. It can be a small room or a large hall, for example. Select the recording extract in which gives you the impression of the greater/larger space.

Please click “Vote” and continue.

Question 2 of 4

A sound is enveloping when it wraps around you. A very enveloping sound will give you the impression of being immersed in it or inside the room which the performance took place, while a non-enveloping one will give you the impression of being outside of it.

Please click “Vote” and continue.

Question 3 of 4

The clearer the sound, the more details you can perceive in it. Choose the sound that appears clearer to you.

Please click “Vote” and continue.

Question 4 of 4

A sound is natural if it gives you a realistic impression, as opposed to sounding artificial or fake.

Please click “Vote”.


Thank you so much for taking part, it will be a big help. If you are intrigued by the project, check out the rest of my blog and this project intro post here. If you would like to take part in the test proper, pop over here and fill in your details.
Since you have your headphones handy, have a listen to this! Be sure to keep your eyes closed.


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