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My name is Robert Kelly and welcome to my site. I offer a range of audio and music production services across Ireland. I am a versatile engineer, working with classical, rock, traditional Irish and pop musicians for nearly a decade. I have also work in radio production for news, current affairs and mixed radio broadcasts. Clients include The Ulster String Quartet, Salford Choral Society, Callous Crows, Rickshaw, The Queen’s University Brass Band and many more. I have also worked on animations which have been nominated for the Royal Television Society Awards.

Here, Kieran Mulvihill recorded some of his songs at the RKS Edenderry studio, which is perfect for small scale recordings such as Irish traditional, singer songwriter, classical and more!

Take a look at my equipment page to see what gear I run for my location recording and studio services, from brands such as AKG,  Focusrite ISA, Pro Tools, Genelec, Klein and HummelWaves, SoundToys, Slate and many more.

What I Offer

I offer location and studio audio producton services all over Ireland. This means I can come to you to work on your production to a professional quality. Examples include location recording for musicians, studio design and studio consultation for home producers, radio and podcast recording and many other audio production projects.

My main service is music recording, which can be done on location using my purpose built location rig in places such as practice spaces, local music halls, churches etc.  I also work with a fantastic studio in Slane for some of the best drum and large ensemble recording and rooms which the country can offer.


My rates are clear and concise and there are no hidden charges. I use daily and hourly rates to ensure that you get your best value for money. All rates can be found here. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have a tight budget to adhere to, I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

Paypal and SumUp
I accept cash, PayPal, card and bank transfer which can all be made securely.

You can send me an email by clicking here, by using the contact page or by using the contact form at the end of this page. You can also get in touch via my Facebook page, Google+ page and Twitter.

Mobile Recording

Using professional recording equipment, recording sessions can take place on location; such as here, with the Callous Crows at Slane Studios

Whether it’s classical, rock, pop or Irish traditional music, I offer location recording covering a wide variety of genres. I bring the recording studio to you which saves costs on studio rental without sacrificing quality.

Other than lower costs, the upside to mobile recording is that you can perform in a space which you are comfortable in and which is local to you. Coupled with professional level equipment, a professional quality recording can be produced with ease.

Studio Recording

All audio production work such as editing, mixing and small scale recording takes place in my studio in Edenderry, Co. Offaly

The studio is also used as my mixing studio, which meets critical ITU and EBU listening room standards so when you visit to hear your production, you know it is in the best sounding space possible.

The studio uses some of the best gear out there, including Genelec 8000 series and Neumann KH310 monitoring, AKG microphones and Focusrite ISA preamps.

Private parking is provided for free, in the central location on the Main Street of the town which has strong Bus Eireann links to Dublin and motorway links with the M4, M6 and M7 being at most, 30 minutes away. Most importantly, tea and coffee is free!

Large Ensembles and Drum Recordings

The amazing Studio 3 at Crookedwood Farm, perfect for large groups and drummers.

For groups and ensembles which required a larger recording space and for drummers who want the best drum sound, I work with Slane Studios at the Crookedwood Farm to make use of their fantastic barn conversion live rooms.

So, if your choir or ensemble does not have the greatest performance space for recording or you and your band are serious about drum sound, this is a great way to record.

Mobile and Studio Recording: €25 per hour or €180 per day.

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Editing, Mixing and Mastering

All audio production work such as editing, mixing and small scale recording takes place in my studio in Edenderry, Co. Offaly.
All audio production work such as editing, mixing and small scale recording takes place in my studio in Edenderry, Co. Offaly, using professional software such as Pro Tools and Cubase.

If you have recorded with me or you have multi-tracks from elsewhere, I can edit, mix and master these to a professional standard using my comprehensive audio production studio.

By using professional equipment and years of experience, I offer over-the-web audio production services. A detailed pre-production discussion will take place in order to establish your aims and desires for the project.

At no additional cost,  I can also publish your music onto music platforms platforms such as; Spotify,, Apple Music, Beats Music, Deezer, Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft Groove,, TIDAL, Yahoo Music, YouTube Music. This means Rob Kelly Sound can be your one stop shop from recording to distribution of your music.

Editing and Mixing Cost: €100 per song
Mastering cost: €30 per song.

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More testimonials can be found here.

I worked with Rob as a student in Ballyfermot College. Besides being a very sound and extremely approachable guy, Rob was very professional and made me feel at ease when we worked together. During my first few weeks in the college I got the opportunity to go into the Studio to record some of my…

Kieran Mulvihil via Google Business

His work was consistently of a high standard with great attention to detail. Robert has a proven himself to be a strong team player and capable delivering results under pressure

Pete Holidai via LinkedIN

Robert joined BCFE [Ballyfermot College of Further Education] as an employee working as a music production technician for the last year. Robert is in particular very competent with advanced software, network and hardware configuration which has been hugely beneficial to staff and students. Robert co-manages the technical aspects of one of the college’s primary audio…

Larry O’Toole via Google Business

As Head of Sound and Tech at Queen’s Radio, Robert was a highly skilled and confident leader, who worked tirelessly to improve the technical aspects of the station and ensure high quality output. His dedication to his role meant that he regularly worked long hours; before events he was always the first to arrive so…

Sarah Laverty via LinkedIN

More About Me

 Recording on location at Queen's University Belfast in surround sound, with full 5.0 monitoring setup.
By using mobile studio equipment, a control room could be constructed for this surround sound brass band recording session.

I am a recording and mix engineer for nearly ten years. I have gained experience recording and mixing a variety of genres while also working for website, games and animation sound design.

I am a graduate of Ballyfermot College, The Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen’s University Belfast and Salford University at their MediaCityUK campus.

I am a fully registered with The Teaching Council of Ireland in adult education and teach audio production across Further and Higher Education subject areas.

As part of my Master of Science degree in Audio, I undertook an original research project to critically compare multi-microphone surround sound recording techniques with the Soundfield system. You can read the dissertation here. I have further interests in hearing health, which is under threat as our world gets louder. I wrote a piece for in 2014 which aims to raise awareness of hearing damage, which can be read here.

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